Lake Lure’s Fantastic WinterFest


Friday, December 19th was a fun and exciting day for many Lake Lure Classical Academy students! With Mrs. Long’s planning, and aid from many other staff members and school families, WinterFest was created!

A group of National Honor’s Society members, middle schoolers, high schoolers, and staff joined together to form an in-school morning of music, entertainment, and teaching of different winter holiday traditions. With the celebration beginning with a well performed show from our school music group, the WinterFest set off. Students learned about holidays all over the world, such as Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and the traditions of each one. They also got to enjoy performances such as “Black and Blue Friday”, a comedic skit about a family’s trip to go Black Friday shopping. Other performances such as the serenading of the song “Santa Baby”, a sing and dance along song about Kwanzaa, a holiday rap, an American Sign Language performance to “Grown up Christmas List”, and much more. Children sang along, laughed, danced, and had an all around great time taking in a fun celebration at school.

Thank you once more to the students and staff that put it all together! It was a blast for the performers and views!

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